Chart of Platforms

Dark Data Detective is our new data investigation platform, that we are adding all of our technologies to, and it’s available today!  For decades, we have been developing disparate technologies to fill the needs of Digital Forensics, Electronic Discovery, Document Management, Forensic Accounting and a few Spy Agencies.  We think outside the box, and we come from outside of these industries with a fresh new take on how to solve problems.  Isn’t it about time that Digital Investigators get access to a tool that includes the same best in class technologies that the big players get?

What does this mean to current customers?  We’ve already added all of the features from FI TOOLS, which is now the Business tier.  If you own a perpetual license to FI TOOLS, then you own Dark Data Detective: Business.  If you have stopped paying for updates, then simply renew for a year, and download the new product.  We’ve also added all of the features from Data Profiler Portable, which is now the Professional Investigator tier.   If you own a perpetual license to Data Profiler Portable, then you own Dark Data Detective: Professional Investigator.  With up to date annual Maintenance & Support, you can download the new product.  Now that these products are combined, you not only get the new User Experience, but also more features than each product provided separately.

For current and new customers, you now have a platform from which you can collect Pre-Collection Statistics for sites with an overwhelming number of devices to collect, Targeted Collection for cases with tight resource constraints, and Exception Bin Review for cases where the evidence isn’t discovered in the easier search areas.  Every customer now has a simple upgrade path to only pay the difference in value, when moving up to higher tiers that provide the features for your growing needs.

The next tier, Dark Data Detective: Advanced Researcher, will be released in the beginning of 2024.  This is when we empower investigators to venture into unstructured files, and explore the individual objects (building blocks) that comprise each file.  There will be automation to separate the individual objects in known file types as well as learn new file types.  Irregularities, such as Malicious Objects, Stego Objects (Steganography) and  Trojan Objects, will be marked with alerts and revealed for viewing in text, hexadecimal and with visual charts.  Our File Types and Object Types databases will be accessible for reference and in some cases your own improvements.

What does this mean to our technology licensees?  Each new leap forward in the abilities of our currently licensed technologies will be available to you.  When Dark Data Detective owners gain, you gain.  This is also our Research & Development platform, for collecting patterns and structures for more file types and object types.  We use our own publicly available platform for developing the next feature additions.

It doesn’t stop there!  We will continue adding features, to the Advanced Researcher tier, like Data/File Carving and User Profiling.  The File Carving will utilize our vast Object Types/Patterns database to classify each sector and fit them together like puzzle pieces.  The User Profiling will match the statistics, for the files found on a user’s device(s), with known user type profiles.  Just as we are creative with creating new methods for pattern matching unidentifiable file types, we have created methods for profiling users in a family or company environment.  This profiling will produce alerts for inappropriate activities, in coordination with stated standards of conduct.  And our efforts will continue, with remote targeted collection of statistics, files and profiles from many mobile and computer platforms.

Dark Data Detective has arrived!

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