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Dark Data Detective

Dark Data Detective is a major upgrade to FI TOOLS & FI Data Profiler.  The core technologies are the same, but the UI/UX have been redesigned.

What’s Next?

What’s Next?

It’s all about the Objects! In 2024 Q3, we will be completing our Data Carving Engine, with native support for 100’s of file types, as well as object edge detection support for thousands more.  The end goal is to increase

Technology Licensing

Technology Licensing

We provide separate File Investigator OEM Partner Kits (FIAPIs) for MS Windows, Linux & Mac OS X. New versions, with additional file formats, are released quarterly.

What Is Dark Data?

What Is Dark Data?

What does Dark Data mean?  We use this term on our website, as if it is obvious.  In the most basic terms, Dark Data is information that is difficult to find.  So, in effect it is sitting in the dark.  But, there is more to it than that, when you apply the term to different industries.

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What Our Clients Say

“Well... you have a great product! Really, my little team and I have been in this industry for more than 20 years between us, and whenever we've seen competitive products in action, they've never measured up. Seriously, some shops in litigation support still use extensions as their primary file typing method (and some of them use huge and unwieldy products that are sub-par in performance and accuracy -- Outside In, for example). In addition, your customer service has always been superb. Honestly, I can't see why I would ever go elsewhere.”

Phillip Culliton OpenText (formerly Daegis, formerly Fast Track Litigation Support)

“Doing data recovery … [and] computer forensics … File Investigator is a great tool. They are nice folks and very responsive. This program identifies files by their content rather than just the extension at the end. The software also returns a lot of additional file information. It also runs very fast. If you do data recovery, computer forensics, or are just a power user that does a lot of searching; I recommend this software.”

Chuck Snipes BS, CCE, A+ Certified, Data Triangle

“Light weight, fast, easy to integrate with code samples.”

Dipak Polra Senior Engineer, ONEDiscovery