We will be providing periodic updates on our on going software development projects. Our software releases are provided when the project is ready, rather than as a result of a release schedule.
Our next product to be released will be Dark Data Detective. This project is a new user interface/user experience (UI/UX) that will include all of the previous products, and unreleased internal projects. This new product will be offered as a replacement to FI Properties (legacy product), FI TOOLS and Date Profiler Portable. Current product owners will be given opportunities to beta test this product. When it is released, we intend to maintain the current FI TOOLS product in parallel, possibly for up to a year. This should give our current customers time to develop familiarity and trust in the new product to replace the old one.
Dark Data Detective will have a tiered set of features, that match the previous product levels that it replaces. Lower tier product owners will be able to choose to upgrade to higher tiers, if they see some new features that they want to use. These new features will include new ways of visualizing and analyzing files, dissecting files down to individual objects and data fields. They will also include the ability to visualize file statistics at a higher level by device, user, case, etc..
A collection of all released details are available on the Dark Data Detective product page.
More details will be available soon….