Thank you for purchasing Dark Data Detective!

If you have not yet received your registration key, then please allow up to two business days for that confirmation email.  We strive to provide your registration key within a couple hours, and if the wait has been too long then please email Technical Support for the fastest response on your status.

Dark Data Detective requires a purchased Registration Key in order to function.  If you have not yet obtained one of these keys, then proceed to the Dark Data Detective page to purchase one.  Once you have a registration key,  follow the steps below to download and install the software.

1. Download Dark Data Detective

  • Download Dark Data Detective from the downloads page.
  • Press the Run button in your browser’s download window, or the Save button to run it later.
  • Press the Run button in your browser’s Security Warning window.

2. Install Dark Data Detective

  • Press the Yes button in the User Account Control window (Vista, Widows 7, 8.1, 10, 11)
  • Press the Next > button to continue the install.
  • Read the License Agreement, select the I accept the agreement option, then press the Next > button.
  • Selected for you is the Full Installation component, press the Next > button.
  • Enter the folder to install in. (default is C:\Program Files (x86)\FID3\D3Detective)
  • Press the Next > button to continue.
  • Put check marks in front of the locations where you want icons created (Desktop & Start Menu).
  • Press the Next > button to continue.
  • Press the Install button.
  • Read the README information, then press the Next > button.
  • Press the Finish button.

3. Enter Registration Key

  • Start Dark Data Detective (from the desktop or the Windows Start menu, in the FID3 group).
  • Select the Search tab.
  • Enter your registration key in the Registration Key field.

4. Install to USB/Removable Drive (Professional & Advanced tiers only)

  • Install D3Detective to a Windows PC (ex: C:\Program Files (x86)\FID3\D3Detective) as described in Steps 1-3 above.
  • Connect the USB drive to your Windows PC.
  • Copy the installed files + folder to the USB drive (ex: U:\D3Detective)
  • Create the database folder on the USB drive (ex: U:\D3Data), if you
    aren’t going to use the application’s folder that the Search tab
    defaults to (ex: U:\D3Detective)
  • Before you start a search, update the following fields on the Search tab
    if you don’t want them in the default locations:

    • Database Path (ex: U:\D3Data\sn…)
    • Temporary Path (ex: U:\D3Data\sn…\temp)
    • File Collection Path (ex: U:\D3Data\sn…\files)
  • Add -USB parameter to the command line (ex: >D3Detective.exe -USB)

5. Start a Search

  • Start Dark Data Detective (from the desktop or the Windows Start menu, in the FID3 group).
  • Select the Details tab.
  • Select the Browse Path button, and select the drive path that contains the files that you want to analyze.
  • Select the Start Search button, or Search > Start menu option.
  • Alternatively, simply Drag n Drop files from another application, like Windows File Explorer.

If you have any trouble with these steps, or in using this product, please contact Technical Support for assistance.