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Key: M = Metadata Column, A = Accuracy Column, H = High, M = Medium, L = Low

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File Extensions Description M A Modified Index
T#?Time Line File.M1.00.00147
T2FLOWTaverna Workbench Workflow Definition.M3.00.004286
T2TSonata CAD Modelling File.L2.00.001086
T3Text Adventure Development System Img..M2.07.001508
T4TOP4 Archive.M2.22.003072
T64Commodore 64s Emulator Tape Image.M3.19.001592
TA0TaxACT Form.M2.06.001315
TA1TaxACT Form.M2.06.001315
TA2TaxACT Form.M2.06.001315
TA3TaxACT Form.M2.06.001315
TA4TaxACT Form.M2.06.001315
TA8TaxACT Form.M2.06.001315
TA9TaxACT Form.M2.06.001315
TAACSun TAAC Image File.L2.00.00794
TABMapInfo Spatial Table.M2.11.002051
TAGCache Directory Tag.M3.20.004690
TAKTAK Lossless Compressed Audio.M2.15.002384
TAnTaxACT Form.M2.06.001315
TAPAtmos Snapshot.M2.07.001455
TAPCommodore 64 Raw Cassette Tape Image.M3.19.001591
TAPJupiter Ace Tape.M2.11.002052
TAPZX Spectrum Tape File.M3.19.002053
TARGNU TAR Archive.M3.14.002313
TARGzip Unix Archive.M2.28.0044
TAROpengroup/POSIX TAR Archive.M3.14.002314
TARTape Archive File.M2.23.011087
TARGATarga Bitmap ImageYH3.14.0019
TARGETSMS Build Targets.M2.30.004005
TAXTurboTax Tax Return.M2.11.002093
TAZUNIX Compress Archive.M2.07.001088
TBADB/TextWorks Database Primary Textbase Definition.M3.00.004290
TBASICCXthinBasic Console Script (Obfuscated).M3.00.004287
TBASICXthinBasic GUI Script (Obfuscated).M3.00.004291
TBBMS Windows Office Toolbar Button.M1.04.01339
TBBThe Bat! Email Hives.M2.11.002056
TBDMS Visual Studio Toolbox Data.M2.13.001949
TBKToolbook Database.M2.11.00250
TBLCanon BJ Driver Database Table.M2.30.004002
TBMDB/TextWorks Database Menu Screen.M3.00.004292
TBSChess Tablebase.M2.11.002054
TBSTuneUp Style Boot Screen.M2.26.003570
TBV3D Ultra Pinball Game Archive.M2.15.001039
TBV2Bzip Archive V2.M2.19.001426
TCTrueCrypt Dynamic Volume.M4.03.003175
TCHTurbo C Help.M3.16.002319
TCLPython Tkinter / UNIX Shell Script.M4.02.03987
TCRPsion Series 3 eBook.M3.19.004293
TCSMS Forms Command Button.H2.28.003759
TD0TeleDisk ArchiveYM2.11.00112
TD1TeleDisk ArchiveYM2.11.00112
TD2MS Temporary Disk File.M2.10.001231
TD2TeleDisk ArchiveYM2.11.00112
TD3TeleDisk ArchiveYM2.11.00112
TD?TeleDisk ArchiveYM2.11.00112
TDBSamba Trivial Database.M2.26.003539
TDBSlamDB Database.M3.00.004294
TDBThumbs Plus Database.H3.29.011089
TDDImagine 3D Object.H2.25.002293
TDDDImagine 3D Object.H2.25.002293
TDFMS Temporary Disk File.M2.10.001231
TDFTinyDisk Meta File.M3.00.004295
TECTECkit Compiled Mapping.M3.00.004296
TERBlack And White 2 Terrain Data.M3.00.004297
TERTerragen Terrain.M3.00.004298
TERRAINTerragen Terrain.M3.00.004298
TEXCorel Draw Texture.M2.10.001401
TEXCroteam Texture.M3.00.004299
TEXITEXinfo Source.M3.01.004300
TEXTEBCDIC Text File (UTF-8).M2.24.003340
TEXTFlight Recorder Data.M2.28.003713
TEXTGeological Survey Metadata.M2.28.003727
TEXTNational Weather Service Forecast.M2.28.003725
TEXTNOAA-PMEL BBIS Data.M2.28.003717
TEXTSimpleText Document (MacBinary).M2.09.001773
TEXTTab Separated Values Text File.H4.02.031258
TEXTText File.H4.03.003
TEXTText File (MacBinary).M2.09.001734
TEXTText File (Unicode SCSU).M2.24.003342
TEXTText File (UTF-7).M2.24.003341
TEXTText File (UTF-8).M2.23.011254
TEXTText File With Formatting Codes.M2.32.003712
TEXTText File: Unicode/DoubleByte/UTF-16LE.M4.03.001242
TEXTINFOTEXinfo Source.M3.01.004300
TFLITETensorFlow Lite Data Flow Model.M4.00.004892
TFMFormTool Gold Form.M3.01.004301
TFMTransform Compressed File.M2.08.001641
TFXThe Final Musicsystem eXtended Module Music.M3.16.002583
TGATarga Bitmap ImageYH3.14.0019
TGDTerragen 2 World Data.M3.01.004302
TGFMDL Molfile Transportable Graphic Image.M3.01.004303
TGFTree Generator 3D Tree.M3.01.004304
TGIFTgif Drawing.M2.24.003346
TGWTerragen 2 World.M3.01.004305
TGZUNIX Compress Archive.M2.07.001088
THEMEHP Digital Imaging Theme.H2.14.002244
THEMEMS Windows Desktop Theme.M2.06.00361
THMJPEG File Interchange Format ImageYH4.04.00185
THMMS Windows Desktop Theme.M2.06.00361
THMXMS Office 2007-2012 Theme Effects (Open XML).H4.04.004014
THNGraphics Workshop / GIF Cons Thumbnail.M2.06.001345
THPGameCube THP Video.M2.26.003595
THRThor Compressed Archive.M3.01.004306
THSCorel Thesaurus.M2.07.001402
THSMS Proofing/Language Dictionary.M3.12.001184
TIBAcronis TrueImage Disk Image.M2.19.032835
TIDAVCHD Thumbnail Index.M3.19.004307
TIFBig Tag Image File FormatYM2.21.002929
TIFTag Image File Format (Intel)YM3.19.00321
TIFTag Image File Format (MacBinary)YM2.03.18298
TIFTag Image File Format (Motorola)YM2.03.12146
TIFFBig Tag Image File FormatYM2.21.002929
TIFFTag Image File Format (Intel)YM3.19.00321
TIFFTag Image File Format (MacBinary)YM2.03.18298
TIFFTag Image File Format (Motorola)YM2.03.12146
TIGTiger Map File.L2.00.001092
TIITI Interactive Workbook.M3.01.004308
TIMTag Image File Format (Motorola)YM2.03.12146
TINTriangular Irregular Network.M2.17.002565
TIPMS Tip of the Day File.M2.03.06420
TISInfinity Game Engine Tileset.M2.10.001873
TIZInfinity Game Engine Compressed Tileset.M3.01.004309
TJNTaijin Media Net Karaoke Song.M3.01.004310
TJSTrackjoy GUS Tracker Song.M3.16.001885
TK1Wintec Tools GPS log.M3.16.004311
TK3TK3 eBook.M2.11.002058
TKCtKC Cracking Tutorial.M3.01.004312
TL5TimeLiner 5.0 Timeline.M3.01.004313
TLBMS Windows .NET Library (32 bit)YH3.16.002686
TLBMS Windows .NET Library (64 bit)YH3.16.002685
TLBMS Windows Library (32 bit)YH3.16.00325
TLBMS Windows Library (64 bit)YH3.16.002684
TLBMS Windows OLE Type Library.M2.11.00100
TLEDirect3D Image Template.M2.28.003812
TLGQuickBooks for Windows Data (Encrypted).M3.29.003304
TLKAurora Engine Talk Table.M3.01.004314
TLMTimeline Maker Diagram.M3.33.004813
TLM3Timeline Maker Diagram.M3.33.004813
TLM4Timeline Maker Diagram.M3.33.004813
TLMPTimeline Maker Diagram.M3.33.004813
TLMZTimeline Maker Diagram.M3.33.004813
TLOSPSS User Table Lookup.M2.11.002045
TLXSSCE Spelling Lexicon Dictionary.M2.23.002146
TM2PlayStation2 TIM2 Bitmap.M2.08.001091
TMDRealMedia Metadata Backup.M2.06.001316
TMDTextMaker Document.M2.11.002059
TMDTimeless Multi-user Time and Expense Data.H3.07.014462
TMDWorld Machine Data File.M2.11.002060
TMPAddWeb Temporary Data.M2.10.001955
TMPAZZ Cardfile Database (ASCII).M3.01.004316
TMPAZZ Cardfile Database (RTF).M3.01.004315
TMPId Software Game Map (Quake).M1.05.00385
TMPMS Search Log.M3.16.00628
TMPMS Windows Enhanced Metafile.M2.35.00702
TMPMS Write / Word Backup.H2.17.001136
TMPNero Audio Peak.M3.01.004317
TMPTemporary Data File (Unknown Source).L1.05.00379
TMSTelemate Script.M2.11.002061
TMUIToolMaker User Interface Design.H2.18.002640
TNCTI-Nspire CAS OS Image.M3.01.004319
TNCTI-Nspire OS Image.M3.01.004318
TNEFMS Outlook Rich Text Formatted Message.H3.31.001811
TNOTI-Nspire OS Image.M3.01.004318
TNSTI-Nspire Document.M3.01.004320
TNSPTI-Nspire PublishView Document.M3.01.004321
TO4TOP4 Archive.M2.22.003072
TOASTToast CD Image.M3.16.004322
TOASTToast CD Image (MacBinary).M3.38.004875
TOCEudora Mailbox Table of Contents (MacBinary).M2.21.001093
TOCMS Windows Resource Cache.M3.16.003412
TOLKodak Color Management System Profile.M2.21.001094
TOPTOP4 Archive.M2.22.003072
TOPWaltop Digital Ink-pad Graphic Image.M3.02.004323
TOPPRJTopSolid Project.M3.02.004324
TORRENTBitTorrent Metainfo.M2.07.001403
TOXUniversal Voxel Translator.M3.22.004709
TPTinkerPlots Document.M3.02.004325
TPTurbo Pascal Unit.M1.00.00226
TPACorel Support File.M2.07.001407
TPFHiJaak PCL Soft Font.M2.26.003603
TPFTexMod Package.M3.02.004326
TPHTurbo Pascal Help.M3.16.002062
TPJMS DirectMusic Support File.M2.13.001220
TPKTochal Package.M3.02.004327
TPLLabel Factory Deluxe Template.M2.14.002228
TPLMS DirectMusic Support File.M2.13.001220
TPLMS Internet Explorer v11 Tracking Protection List.M3.22.004706
TPLWii Texture Palette.M3.14.004596
TPPTeleport Pro Project.M2.11.001096
TPUTurbo Pascal Unit.M1.00.00226
TPXPhoto Express Template.H2.27.003672
TRSymbian TomeRaider Compressed eBook Document.M2.11.002063
TR1Novell LANalyzer Capture.M3.16.001441
TRANSFORMMS Windows .NET Application Configuration.H3.29.002189
TRDTR Assistant Dictionary.M3.02.004328
TREStar Wars Galaxies Archive.M3.02.004329
TREEQED Symbolic Math Data Structure.H2.18.002641
TRKFugawi Global Navigator Tracklog.M3.16.002064
TRKGarmin GPS PCX5 Track Data.M3.02.004330
TRKGeneRally Track.M2.11.001097
TRKMagellan GPS Waypoint Data.M3.02.004331
TRKRIFF Tracker Song.H3.16.002642
TRMMS Terminal File.M2.03.061098
TRNGTCoach Training Lesson.M2.06.001346
TRNMKS Source Integrity Project Use.L2.00.001099
TRPPorts of Call Saved Game.M3.02.004332
TRVTrack Record Viewer TRV/TRVX Definition.M2.11.002065
TRVTraverse PC Desktop Survey Data.M3.02.004333
TRXTrack Record Viewer TRV/TRVX Index.M2.11.002066
TSQt Translation Source.M3.02.004334
TSCMS Windows Help Text Search.M1.05.00370
TSCTina Pro for Windows V6.0+ Package Schematics.M2.35.004206
TSTExamView Test File.M2.14.002221
TSTTAC Compressed Audio.M2.09.001729
TSVTab Separated Values Text File.H4.02.031258
TTATTA (True Audio) Free Lossless Audio.M3.21.002405
TTCAdobe PostScript Compact Font Collection (MacBinary).M2.26.003516
TTCTrueType Font Collection.M2.13.002159
TTDTextual 3D Data Description.M2.22.003042
TTDDDTextual 3D Data Description.M2.22.003042
TTFAdobe PostScript Compact Font (MacBinary).M2.26.003515
TTFIBM OS/2 True Type Font.M1.05.00260
TTFMacintosh True Type Font (MacBinary).M2.09.001790
TTFMS Windows 3.1 True Type Font.M1.00.00221
TTFMS Windows True Type Font.M2.06.00357
TTKGPTatukGIS Project.M3.02.004335
TTPAtari ST MiNT Program.M2.14.002266
TTPAtari ST TOS Program.M2.11.001994
TUBPaint Shop Pro ImageYM3.36.001305
TUNEApple ][ Music.M2.32.003921
TV4TValue Data.M2.26.003551
TVGSKINTVgenial Skin.M3.02.004336
TVHTurbo Vision Help.M3.16.002320
TVPNView Graphic Card Update Profile.M2.13.002155
TVSTeamViewer Video Session.M3.02.004337
TWTotal Word Document.L2.28.003833
TWBXTableau Packaged Workbook.M3.20.004697
TWDMS Windows OLE Type Library.M2.11.00100
TWEAutoDesk Animator Pro Tween Data.M2.27.003689
TWFTabWorks File.L2.00.001100
TWWTagwrite Template.M2.11.001101
TXFCelestia Font Texture.M3.02.004338
TXTAncestryDNA Raw Genetic Data.M4.01.004898
TXTApple Email Message.H2.22.01536
TXTApple II Macro.M3.10.004535
TXTComma Separated Values Text File.H4.02.03451
TXTEBCDIC Text File (UTF-8).M2.24.003340
TXTEudora Email Message.H2.22.01933
TXTEvolution Email Message.H2.22.01538
TXTGeological Survey Metadata.M2.28.003727
TXTGlobal Message Exchange Email Message.H2.22.01540
TXTGmail Email Message.H3.27.01539
TXTHashKeeper Hash Database.M2.07.001474
TXTHashKeeper Hash Database Index.M2.07.001475
TXTHorde Internet Messaging Program (IMP) Email Message.H2.22.01542
TXTHotmail Email Message.H2.22.01578
TXTInternet Message.H4.02.01703
TXTInternet Message (MIME).H3.21.001262
TXTInternet Message (UU-Encoded).H2.22.011263
TXTLogitech RSA Crypto Key.M2.18.001146
TXTMicrosoft Mail Email Message.H2.22.01545
TXTMicrosoft Outlook 2000 IMO Email Message.H2.22.01574
TXTMS Media Connect Persistent Data.M2.10.001954
TXTMS Office Outlook 2003 Email Message.H2.22.01571
TXTMS Outlook Express Email Message.H2.31.02575
TXTMS Visual Studio Extension Description.M3.29.004776
TXTMutt Email Message.H2.22.01546
TXTNational Weather Service Forecast.M2.28.003725
TXTNIST NSRL Hash Database.M2.07.001377
TXTNOAA-PMEL BBIS Data.M2.28.003717
TXTNonlinear Uniform Rational B-Spl.L2.00.00903
TXTOpen WebMail Email Message.H2.22.01550
TXTPine Email Message.H2.22.01577
TXTPKCS #7 Secure MIME Message.M3.19.001810
TXTPretty Good Privacy Key/Signature Text.M2.16.002414
TXTSimpleText Document (MacBinary).M2.09.001773
TXTTab Separated Values Text File.H4.02.031258
TXTText File.H4.03.003
TXTText File (MacBinary).M2.09.001734
TXTText File (Unicode SCSU).M2.24.003342
TXTText File (UTF-7).M2.24.003341
TXTText File (UTF-8).M2.23.011254
TXTText File With Formatting Codes.M2.32.003712
TXTText File: Unicode/DoubleByte/UTF-16LE.M4.03.001242
TXTThe Bat! Email Message.H2.22.012604
TXTThunderbird Email Message.H2.22.012605
TXTWordPerfect Document (Macintosh)YM2.22.002259
TXTYahoo! Mail Email Message.H2.22.012606
TXTDTDVD TEXT Data.M3.02.004339
TXWYamaha TX16W Wave SoundYM2.23.001103
TZTzip Compressed Archive.M3.32.004804
TZXMakeTZX ZX Spectrum Tape Image.M3.19.002067