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Key: M = Metadata Column, A = Accuracy Column, H = High, M = Medium, L = Low

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File Extensions Description M A Modified Index
GGravity News Database.H2.27.003620
G01HEC-RAS Data.M2.28.003760
G3Facsimile Group 3 Image.M2.22.00714
G64G64 Floppy Disk Image.M3.34.004823
G64Genetec Video Archive.M3.15.004621
G721NeXT/Sun/UNIX Sound CCITT G.721 Raw 4 bit ADPCM.M2.22.00753
G723NeXT/Sun/UNIX Sound CCITT G.723 Raw 3 bit ADPCM.M2.22.00754
G8PictureMaker Green Channel Image Data.M2.08.001649
GABWINDEV Controls' Styles Description.M2.12.002118
GALGenePix Array List.M2.23.01755
GALPhotoDeluxe Clipart Gallery.M1.05.00363
GAMGames Factory Game.M2.07.001485
GAMKlik'n'Play Game Data.M2.28.003761
GAMText Adventure Development System Game Data.M2.23.001486
GAMText Adventure Development System Game Resources.M2.23.003180
GAMText Adventure Development System Saved Game.M2.23.003181
GAMVectrex Game.M2.07.001484
GAPPhotoImpact Pencil Style.M2.06.00396
GAWKNawk Programming Languaget.M2.16.002408
GBGenBank Sequence Record.M2.28.003762
GBRGerber Vector Image.M3.19.004662
GBRGIMP Brush Data.M2.23.001856
GBSNintendo Gameboy Music.M3.16.003763
GBXCyberboard Gamebox Data.M2.28.003764
GBXNadeo Games File Format.M2.10.001853
GCAG Compressed Archive.M2.08.001604
GCDGeneric CADD Drawing.M2.10.00756
GCFGraphing Calculator File.M2.19.022806
GCFGreeting Card Creator Project.H2.27.003631
GCFWinXComp Grouped Compressed Archive.M2.28.001605
GCHGNU Compiler Collection Precompiled Header.M2.23.003236
GCOGenbox Family History.M3.16.003765
GCWMS Math Worksheet.M2.28.003766
GCXGrapher Image.H2.27.003682
GDRealPlayer Live Channel.M2.14.002225
GDBGVA2000 Author Lecture.M2.17.00758
GDBMapSource GPS Waypoint Database.M2.17.002517
GDBMGNU Database Manager File.M2.16.002426
GDFIBM Graphics Data Format Image.L2.28.003826
GDFIBM Picture Interchange Format Image.L2.28.003827
GDIGEM Metafile Image.M2.25.0087
GDIGEM Metafile Image (Intel).M2.14.002281
GDIGEM Metafile Image (Motorola).M2.25.002280
GDLGeometric Description Language Image.M2.16.00517
GDMBells Whistles and Sound Boards Module Music.M3.16.002576
GDPMS Windows Cabinet Archive.M2.07.0099
GDPMS Windows Cabinet Archive (MacBinary).M2.16.002487
GDTGenbox Family History Dictionary.M3.16.003767
GEDArts & Letters Editor Document.M1.00.0031
GEDArts & Letters Graphic Image.M2.28.003768
GEDGEDCOM Genealogical Communication.M3.19.00759
GEMAtari ST MiNT Program.M2.14.002266
GEMAtari ST TOS Program.M2.11.001994
GEMGEM Metafile Image.M2.25.0087
GEMGEM Metafile Image (Intel).M2.14.002281
GEMGEM Metafile Image (Motorola).M2.25.002280
GEMGEM VDI Paint ImageYM4.04.009
GEMMcAfee VirusScan Update.M2.28.002092
GENVentura Generated Text File.L2.00.00760
GEOVideoscape 3D Model with Colored Faces.M1.00.00306
GEOVideoscape 3D Model with Colored Verti.M2.14.002285
GEOVideoscape 3D Model with Gouraud Curve.M2.14.002287
GEOVideoscape 3D Model with Light Source.M2.14.002286
GEOMGeom Image.M2.17.002533
GETRIGHTGetRight Unfinished Download.L2.00.00761
GFAGFA-BASIC ATARI Tokenized Source.M2.10.001855
GFAGFA-BASIC MS-DOS Tokenized Source.M2.23.001854
GFSGGFileSPlit File Fragment.M2.28.003769
gfzGeneric Forensic Zip Disk Image (Intel).M2.21.002916
gfzGeneric Forensic Zip Disk Image (Motorola).M2.21.002917
gfzipGeneric Forensic Zip Disk Image (Intel).M2.21.002916
gfzipGeneric Forensic Zip Disk Image (Motorola).M2.21.002917
GHOGhost Disk Backup (DOS).M2.19.042847
GHOGhost Disk Image.M2.26.003564
GISonic Global Image.M3.36.004845
GIDMS Windows Help.M3.39.00115
GIFGraphics Interchange FormatYH4.04.004
GIFGraphics Interchange Format (MacBinary).M2.09.001747
GIFFGraphics Interchange FormatYH4.04.004
GIFFGraphics Interchange Format (MacBinary).M2.09.001747
GIMPlaystation Theme.M2.28.003770
GISErdas ImageYM2.25.00181
GKSGraphics Kernel System Image.M3.17.004656
GLFAmerica Online Data.M2.06.001290
GLFGLF 3D Font.M2.17.002534
GLUEGlueMon Song/Module.M3.16.001860
GMAutoLogic PictureYM2.28.00177
GMJava 2 MIDI Sound Bank / Rich Music Format AudioYM2.06.001340
GM2AutoLogic PictureYM2.28.00177
GM4AutoLogic PictureYM2.28.00177
GM6Game Maker 6 Project.M2.28.003771
GMEDexDrive Playstation Memory Card Save.M2.10.001861
GMFUSA 98: Streets & Destination Map File.M1.05.00397
GMIGPS Tuner Map Calibration Data.M2.28.003772
GMPGUEmap Document.M2.28.003773
GMVCyberboard Move.M2.28.003774
GMVGeneral Mesh Viewer Image.M2.28.003775
GNDGNUnet Directory.M2.16.002417
GnnHEC-RAS Data.M2.28.003760
GNTMicro Focus Generated Code.M2.32.00765
GOBDark Forces Data.M1.00.00242
GOEMcIDAS System Satellite Image.M2.08.001654
GOESAVHRR Satellite Image.M2.07.00902
GOESMcIDAS System Satellite Image.M2.08.001654
GPDMS Expedia Streets 98 Push-Pins.M2.14.002215
GPDPrinter Separator Page.M3.16.00459
GPGGnuPG Key Trust Database.M2.22.003096
GPHPrintPartner Image.M4.03.004938
GPIGarmin Point of Interest Database.M2.28.003776
GPRGenePix Array List.M2.23.01755
GPXGPS eXchange Data.M2.28.003777
GQQLFC Compressed Archive.M2.08.001606
GQFGrafEq Document (MacBinary).M2.16.002471
GQSGrafEq Document (MacBinary).M2.16.002471
GRAMS Excel Graph.H2.26.00768
GRBGridded Binary Image.M2.28.00770
GRBMS Windows Program GroupYM3.06.01113
GRDPaint Shop Pro Gradient.M2.10.001307
GRDSierra Game Data File.M2.00.001209
GRFMicrografx Designer Drawing.M2.08.0462
GRFMS ActiveMovie Graph.H2.17.00769
GRGGringotts Encrypted DataYM2.23.003242
GRIBGridded Binary Image.M2.28.00770
GRLWindows Update Status.M2.30.004010
GROGenbox Family History Report Options.M2.28.003778
GROHP-48/48sx/49 Graphic Object Bitmap.M2.29.001676
GRPDESQview Group.M1.00.00248
GRPMS Windows Program GroupYM3.06.01113
GRPObject Oriented Graphics Library: 4x4 Transformations (Binary).M2.17.002559
GRPObject Oriented Graphics Library: Multiple 4x4 Transformations.M2.17.002558
GRVMS SharePoint Workspace.M3.05.024416
GRXGravis Xperience Joystick Gameset.M2.06.001291
GRZGRZip Compressed Archive.M2.08.001607
GRZGRZip II Compressed Archive.M2.08.001608
GSBGolden Software Boundary Data.M2.28.003779
GSDGraphtec Vector Graphics Image.M2.19.022807
GSIGPS Tuner Map Slices Calibration Data.M2.28.003780
GSMGeometric Description Language Image.M2.16.00517
GSMRaw GSM 6.10 Audio Stream.M3.29.00771
GSNCyberboard Scenario.M2.28.003781
GSPGeometer's Sketchpad Document.M2.28.003782
GSSGeometer's Sketchpad Script.M2.28.003783
GT2Graoumftracker New Music Module.M2.14.00772
GTAMS SharePoint Workspace Tool Archive.M3.05.024417
GTARUNIX Compress Archive.M2.07.001088
GTHGather Archive.M2.22.003068
GTKGTKtalog Catalog Archive.M2.23.003116
GTPGuitar Pro Tablature.M3.16.001862
GTTGlyph Translation Table.M2.13.002160
GUIGuide Document.M1.00.0092
GUIDEAmigaGuide Hypertext Document.M3.16.002316
GUIKITShapeShifter Theme.M2.28.003784
GULJungUm Office Document.H2.17.002510
GVPGoogle Video Playlist.M2.19.022808
GWIGroupWise File Link.H2.27.003632
GWPGoodWay Flight Planner Flight Plan.M2.28.003785
GX2Show Partner Graphics Image.M3.16.004654
GZAbiWord Compressed Document.M2.22.001515
GZGIMP ImageYM3.19.001859
GZGzip Unix Archive.M2.28.0044
GZUNIX Compress Archive.M2.07.001088
GZAGZA Compressed Archive.M2.08.001609