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Key: M = Metadata Column, A = Accuracy Column, H = High, M = Medium, L = Low

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File Extensions Description M A Modified Index
DGBG DraftMaker Drawing File.M2.15.002380
DSPPACK Audio.M2.15.002379
D2SDiablo II Game Character/Equipment.M2.07.001481
D2VDGIndex Project.M2.21.002994
D3DCorel Dream 3D Model.M2.07.001460
D3DDirect3D Object (Binary).M2.06.001243
D3DDirect3D Object (Binary) Compressed.M2.17.002531
D3DDirect3D Object (Text).M2.17.002529
D3DDirect3D Object (Text) Compressed.M2.17.002530
D3DRay Dream Studio Native Data Format.M2.11.002006
DA0MS Windows 3.1 Registry Hive.M2.24.003334
DA0MS Windows Registry Hive.M2.00.00101
DA2MS Audio/Visual Interleave (Intel).H2.11.00234
DAAPowerISO Direct Access Archive.M2.19.002791
DACPACMS SQL Server Data Tier Application Package.H3.11.004545
DAEDigital Asset Exchange File.H2.22.003038
DAFComposite Attachment File.M2.16.012509
DATAct Of War Game Archive.M2.15.00489
DATAllegro Compressed Packfile.M2.21.002996
DATAllegro Generic Data.M2.07.001456
DATAllegro Uncompressed Packfile.M2.21.002997
DATAmerica Online Instant Messenger URL Cache.M3.16.001961
DATAppleDouble MIME Format.M3.19.002439
DATAtmos Snapshot.M2.07.001455
DATAVG 6 Integrity Database.M2.21.002998
DATBroadJump Character Set Conversion.M2.14.001281
DATChuzzle Saved Game.M2.15.002354
DATData File (Unknown Source).L1.05.00353
DATEarthlink Email Filter Rules.M2.10.001960
DATEasyRecovery Saved Recovery State.M2.15.002355
DATeFax Localization Data.M2.10.001959
DATEncrypting File System Stream (NTFS ADS).M2.35.004196
DATForensic Toolkit (FTK) Evidence.M3.19.001453
DATInno Setup Uninstall Log.M3.16.001341
DATInstallShield Definition File.M2.00.001197
DATLabVIEW Binary Datalog.M2.21.002999
DATLogitech Desktop Messenger User Profile.M2.18.00605
DATMcAfee VirusScan Configuration Data.M3.06.004441
DATMcAfee VirusScan Olympus Database.M2.11.002085
DATMicrosoft Network (MSN) Data.M2.06.001344
DATMS 3D Pinball Data.M2.06.001347
DATMS Datamap Data.M2.00.001226
DATMS Forms Cache.M3.16.001202
DATMS Internet Explorer Cache.M3.16.00103
DATMS Internet Explorer Cache Index.M3.16.003562
DATMS Outlook Add-In Extensions Database.M2.11.002086
DATMS Outlook Rich Text Formatted Message.H3.31.001811
DATMS Proofing/Language Dictionary.M3.12.001184
DATMS Virtual Earth 3D Image.M2.23.003314
DATMS Visual Studio.NET Strong Name Key.M2.12.001805
DATMS Windows 3.1 Registry Hive.M2.24.003334
DATMS Windows Client Download Data.M2.10.001962
DATMS Windows COM+ Library.M2.15.001198
DATMS Windows Installer Package / Wizard (OLE).H3.29.001211
DATMS Windows Installer/Upgrade Patch.H3.12.001361
DATMS Windows Isolated Storage Data.M3.06.004435
DATMS Windows Language Resource.M2.24.003411
DATMS Windows Network Service Performance Data.M2.18.00601
DATMS Windows Profile System File.M2.19.001232
DATMS Windows Registry Hive.M2.00.00101
DATMS Windows Registry Import File.M2.09.00313
DATMS Word for DOS Font.M1.00.00121
DATMSN Messenger Data.M3.16.00626
DATMultiBit Core Wallet Data.M3.14.004594
DATNorton AntiVirus Scan Data.M2.18.00606
DATNorton AntiVirus Scheduled Tasks.M2.18.002401
DATNorton Disk Doctor Undo.M2.21.002931
DATNorton Internet Security Definition.M2.18.001326
DATNorton Security Log.M3.16.004440
DATNorton Virus Definitions.M2.18.001201
DATNorton Virus Definitions Update Certificate.M2.18.00608
DATNorton Virus Definitions Update Index.M2.18.00600
DATNovell Message File.M1.00.0034
DATPalm OS Address Book.M3.16.00461
DATPalm OS Datebook.M3.16.00462
DATPalm OS Expenses.M3.16.001241
DATPalm OS Memo Pad.M3.16.00464
DATPalm OS To Do List.M3.16.00463
DATPeachtree Accounting Data.M2.28.003756
DATPestPatrol Scan Strings.M2.07.001454
DATPowerRegister Data.M2.10.001953
DATQuickBooks for Windows Application Data.M2.23.003306
DATQuickBooks for Windows Update Description.M3.29.004775
DATQuicken Electronic Library.M3.29.001309
DATRaima Arcserve Database.M2.14.001218
DATRealJukebox Data File.M2.11.002077
DATRSA Crypto Key.M3.29.002395
DATRuntime Software Disk Image.M2.15.002356
DATShareaza Thumbnail.M2.15.002357
DATSkype Conversation.M3.16.001935
DATSkype Voice Mail.M2.11.002079
DATStuffIt Mac Archive.M3.18.00262
DATTachyon Parallel Raytracer 3D Model.M2.14.002284
DATTomTom Traffic Data.M2.21.003000
DATUFOCaptureV2 Map.M2.21.003001
DATUU-Encoded FileYH2.34.001109
DATVeriSign Security Certificate.M3.09.00615
DATVideo CD MPEG Movie.H2.08.00446
DATWalkman NW-S23 MP3 Archive.M2.15.001726
DATWindows User State Migration Tool Data.M3.15.004624
DATWinImage file.M2.24.00798
DATYahoo! Anti-Spy Quarantine Index.M2.11.002084
DATAApple II Finder Index.M3.10.004534
DATAData File (Unknown Source).L1.05.00353
DATAiPhoto Library Thumbnails.M3.09.004512
DATAWBEM Repository Database Support File.M2.07.00437
DAXDAKX Compressed Audio.H2.25.001710
DAXDAX Compressed CD Image.M2.25.003433
DBBorland Paradox Database.M2.21.003002
DBContent Guard Digital Rights Management Database.M2.18.00648
DBExperVision TypeReader Database.M2.14.002237
DBMac OS X Keychain Database.M2.23.003206
DBMS ISAM Database.M2.07.001330
DBMS Windows Cache Database.M3.16.004439
DBMS Windows Icon Cache Database.M3.16.001329
DBMS Windows Vista Icon Cache Database.M3.16.002617
DBMS Works Database (OLE).H3.23.00567
DBMS Works Database 2 for Mac.M2.21.003009
DBMS Works Database 3 for Mac.M2.21.003008
DBNetscape Certificate/Security Database.M2.06.001328
DBPalm OS Expenses.M3.16.001241
DBPalm OS Zire Photo Database.M2.21.002928
DBSQLite Database.M3.33.003677
DBThumbs Plus Database.H3.29.011089
DBXnView Cache Database.M3.16.001952
DB-SHMSQLite Database Shared Memory.M3.26.004741
DB1PC Stomper Data File.M2.18.001283
DB2MS Works Database 2 for Mac.M2.21.003009
DB3MS Works Database 3 for Mac.M2.21.003008
DB4MS Works for Mac 4 Database/Doc/Sheet (OLE).H3.23.002757
DBAPalm OS Calendar.M3.16.004651
DBBSkype Profile and Contacts.M2.19.002753
DBCMS Visual FoxPro DatabaseYH2.30.042762
DBCOrCAD Capture CIS Database Config..M1.03.00333
DBFdBase II DatabaseYH2.30.043157
DBFdBase III+/FoxBase+ Database (with memo)YH2.30.043150
DBFdBase III/III+/IV/FoxBase+/FoxPro DatabaseYH2.30.0458
DBFdBase IV DatabaseYH2.30.043152
DBFdBase IV Database (with memo)YH2.30.043154
DBFdBase IV Database (with SQL table)YH2.30.043155
DBFdBase V DatabaseYH2.30.043153
DBFFlagShip Database (with memo)YH2.30.043156
DBFFoxBase DatabaseYH2.30.043151
DBFFoxPro/RealMedia CD Tracks DatabaseYH2.30.041349
DBFHP Digital Imaging Product Assistant Database.M2.18.00647
DBFMS Query Database.M1.00.0065
DBFMS Visual FoxPro DatabaseYH2.30.042762
DBFPsion Series 3 Database.M2.11.001997
DBGMS Debug Information File.M2.28.00345
DBIIsearch Database Information.M2.25.003434
DBKPSpice Capture Design/Library/Symbols.H2.27.00331
DBLWindows Product Activation Database.M2.13.002166
DBMDataEase Database.M2.16.002427
DBODB/TextWorks Database Directory.M2.25.003436
DBPMS Developer Studio Project (ASCII).M1.05.00411
DBRDB/TextWorks Database.M2.25.003435
DBSDB/TextWorks Database Textbase Structure.M2.25.003437
DBWSymbian World Data File.M2.23.003228
DBXMS Outlook Express Email Database.M3.19.001203
DBXLdBXL Database.L2.28.003824
DCDC Archive.M2.23.003078
DC5DataCAD Drawing File.M2.26.00668
DCADCA Compressed Archive.M2.08.001587
DCDDesignCAD Drawing.H2.17.002513
DCEDriveCam Event Video.M2.19.002795
DCFD-Lib Generic Bytecode.M2.25.003438
DCFDell Certification File.M2.30.001947
DCMDCM Music Module.M3.16.002669
DCMDICOM Image.M2.20.011550
DCMDICOM Image (MacBinary).M2.16.002443
DCPDelphi Compiled Package Code.M2.17.00532
DCPDNG Camera Image Profile.M3.31.004790
DCRMacromedia Director File (Intel).H2.30.023970
DCRMacromedia Director File (Macintosh).H2.30.00285
DCSDesktop Color Separation.L2.00.00669
DCTAddict Spell Check Dictionary.M2.06.001311
DCTExperVision TypeReader Dictionary.M2.14.00521
DCTMS FoxPro Database Container.M2.27.003710
DCTMS FoxPro Table Memo.M2.31.003711
DCUDelphi Compiled Unit File.M2.14.00649
DCWDraft Choice for Windows Drawing.M2.25.003439
DCXPaintbrush Multi-Page Fax BitmapYM2.25.00319
DCXXBase/dBase Compount Index.M2.06.001325
DDAccWare Data Dictionary.M2.25.003440
DDDisk Doubler Archive.M3.33.004810
DDFloppy Disk Image / MBR (FAT12).H3.19.001473
DDFloppy Disk Image / MBR (FAT16).H3.19.002675
DDHard Disk Image/MBR.H2.32.024104
DDHard Disk Image/MBR (FAT12).H3.19.002676
DDHard Disk Image/MBR (FAT16).H3.19.002677
DDHard Disk Image/MBR (FAT32).H3.19.002678
DDHard Disk Image/MBR (Linux).H2.18.002680
DDHard Disk Image/MBR (NTFS).H2.18.002679
DDHard Disk Image/MBR (SysLinux).H2.22.003126
DDDAdobe Language Database.M2.13.00433
DDDDocuFile / EDMICS 2000.M2.16.002466
DDFPeachtree Accounting Data.M2.28.003756
DDIFDigital Document Interchange Format Image.M2.17.00670
DDPDelphi Diagram Portfolio.M2.14.00678
DDSDirectDraw SurfaceYM3.19.002793
DDYDesign Conditions Design Day Data.M2.25.003441
DEBDebian Linux Package.M2.22.002407
DEFInstallShield Definition File.M2.00.001197
DEFMS Visual C++ Definition File.M2.13.00355
DEFAULTMS Windows .NET Application Configuration.H3.29.002189
DEMDescent Demo.M2.17.00672
DEMiGO Digital Elevation Map.M2.25.003442
DEMVista Digital Elevation Model Data.M2.03.061244
DEPMS Dependency File.M2.03.06404
DEPMS Visual C Dependency File.M2.00.001200
DERVeriSign Security Certificate.M3.09.00615
DESFile Investigator for DOS Data.M2.28.00149
DESGRAFIT Layout.M2.25.003443
DESPro/DESKTOP Design.H2.27.003621
DESQuicken Electronic Library.M3.29.001309
DESKTOPKDE/GNOME Desktop Entry.M2.25.003444
DESSDevice Emulator System Store.M2.21.003022
DEUMS Language Web Cache.M3.16.001182
DEUMS Proofing/Language Dictionary.M3.12.001184
DEWFSoundEdit Recorded Instrument (MacBinary).M4.01.00673
DEXDalvik Dex Exacutable/Class.M3.19.003445
DEXDisk Imploder Image.M3.33.004814
DFFDynamic File Format.M2.18.002670
DFMDelphi Form.M2.18.022725
DFTSolid Edge Draft Document.H2.27.003622
DFWDERIVE Math Package for Windows.M2.25.003446
DGCDigital G Codec Archive.M2.08.001588
DGMLotus Freelance Graphics 97 File.M2.28.00976
DGNMicroStation CAD Drawing.M3.10.00674
DGNMicroStation v8 CAD Drawing (OLE).H3.23.003275
DGRPhoneTools Internal Graphic Image.M2.25.003447
DIBIBM OS/2 BitmapYM2.29.00287
DIBMS Windows BitmapYM4.04.005
DIBMS Windows Bitmap (MacBinary).M2.09.001778
DICMS Spell Checker Dictionary.M2.03.06414
DICMS Spell Checker Dictionary (MacBinary).M2.09.001743
DICMS Spell Checker Dictionary (Win95).M2.17.002524
DICSymphony Dictionary.M2.21.003012
DICMDICOM Image.M2.20.011550
DICMDICOM Image (MacBinary).M2.16.002443
DICTMS Virtual PC Language Dictionary.M2.15.00646
DIDAdobe Language Database.M2.13.00433
DIFData Interchange Format Spreadsheet.M2.17.02143
DIGAscendancy/Flight Unlimited Sound Driver.M2.28.003802
DIGSound Designer I Audio File.M2.03.06675
DIGIDigibooster Music.M2.17.002573
DIRMacromedia Director Movie.M2.03.06526
DIRMacromedia Director Movie (Intel).M2.04.00271
DIRMacromedia Director Movie (MacBinary).M2.09.001752
DIRMacromedia Director Movie (Macintosh).H2.25.00169
DIRMS Windows Resource Cache.M3.16.003412
DIRPFS: 1st Publisher Directory Summary.M2.07.001554
DIRQuicken Data.M2.11.001308
DISCOMS Visual Studio.NET DB Discovery.H2.15.001077
DISCOMAPMS Visual Studio.NET DB Discovery Map.H2.13.002178
DISTAudioGraph Video (MacBinary).M2.16.002460
DISTMac OS X Installer (MacBinary).M2.16.002459
DISTZAudioGraph Video (MacBinary).M2.16.002460
DISTZMac OS X Installer (MacBinary).M2.16.002459
DJRMacromedia Director Video Java Resource.M2.25.003448
DJVDjVu Document Image.H2.25.001826
DJVDjVu Document Image (MacBinary).M2.16.00511
DJVUDjVu Document Image.H2.25.001826
DJVUDjVu Document Image (MacBinary).M2.16.00511
DLCDIGILINEAR Compressed Archive.M2.08.001600
DLGC++ Dialogue Script.M2.03.06572
DLLMS Windows .NET Library (32 bit)YH3.16.002686
DLLMS Windows .NET Library (64 bit)YH3.16.002685
DLLMS Windows Control Panel AppletYH2.03.10296
DLLMS Windows Driver (16 bit)YH2.03.10292
DLLMS Windows Library (16 bit)YH3.06.01291
DLLMS Windows Library (32 bit)YH3.16.00325
DLLMS Windows Library (64 bit)YH3.16.002684
DLLOS/2 Library (32 bit)YH2.15.002397
DLLPowerBuilder Dynamic Library.M2.03.06927
DLLPowerBuilder Dynamic Library (MacBinary).M2.16.002504
DLLSymbian Library.M2.21.003035
DLMMS Speech Recognition Engine Data.M3.24.001273
DLSDownLoadable MIDI Sounds.H2.07.00676
DLTCaseMaker AcuBench Layout Structure.M2.15.002351
DMDData Module Language Dictionary.M2.13.002154
DMFDigitals/Delta Map File.M2.10.001827
DMFMacintosh Disk Image.M3.39.001245
DMFMacintosh Disk Image (MacBinary).M2.09.001801
DMFMS Windows Disk Map File.M1.00.00136
DMFX-Tracker Music Module.M2.17.00677
DMGMacintosh Disk Image.M3.39.001245
DMGMacintosh Disk Image (MacBinary).M2.09.001801
DMKDMK Disk Image.M3.35.004833
DMPDisk Imploder Image.M3.33.004814
DMPMS Dr. Watson Memory Dump.M2.13.001284
DMPMS Dr. Watson User Dump.M2.14.002232
DMPMS Windows Error Mini Dump (32-bit).M2.14.002231
DMPMS Windows Error Mini Dump (64-bit).M2.24.003332
DMSDisk Masher Compressed Disk Image.M2.08.001601
DMTStreet Atlas Transfer File.H2.27.003623
DMZDMesh 3D Model.M2.25.003449
DNLDNL Page Turning e-Book.M2.19.002792
DNPNeatImage Profile.M2.25.003450
DOCDeskMate Document.M2.19.002775
DOCLotus Works Document.M2.19.002761
DOCMS Compound Document (OLE) (General).H3.23.00274
DOCMS Office Document (XML).H2.35.021247
DOCMS Rich Text Format DocumentYH2.32.01269
DOCMS Rich Text Format Document (MacBinary).M3.39.001756
DOCMS Word 6.0/95 Document (pre-OLE)YM3.19.002738
DOCMS Word 97-2003 Document (OLE).H3.23.00229
DOCMS Word Document (XML).H2.37.001249
DOCMS Word for DOS/Macintosh DocumentYH3.05.00217
DOCMS Word for Mac Document (MacBinary).M2.28.001761
DOCMS Word for Macintosh DocumentYM2.21.00216
DOCMS Word for OS/2 Document.M2.19.002763
DOCMS Write / Word Backup.H2.17.001136
DOCMultiMate Document.H2.19.00122
DOCPagestream Document.H2.14.002315
DOCPerfect Office Document.M2.17.002603
DOCPFS: First Choice Document / PFS:Write.M2.21.003003
DOCText File.H4.03.003
DOCText File (MacBinary).M2.09.001734
DOCText File: Unicode/DoubleByte/UTF-16LE.M4.03.001242
DOCWordMARC Plus Document.L2.28.003836
DOCWordPerfect Document.M2.25.00157
DOCWordPerfect Document (MacBinary).M2.16.001738
DOCWordPerfect Document (Macintosh)YM2.22.002259
DOCWordPerfect Document (OLE).M3.23.003965
DOCWordPerfect Document (VAX)YM2.22.002260
DOCWordStar DocumentYH2.19.00458
DOCWordStar for WindowsYH2.12.00465
DOCMMS Office Data (Open XML) (General).H3.23.002207
DOCMMS Word 2007-2010 Document+Macros (Open XML).H3.23.004216
DOCXMS Office Data (Open XML) (General).H3.23.002207
DOCXMS Word 2007-2010 Document (Open XML).H4.02.022208
DOCZIPStardock Archive.M2.25.003451
DOQArcView DOQ Image.M2.28.003716
DORGeometric Description Language Image.M2.16.00517
DOREDore Raster Image.M2.22.002671
DOREDore Raster Image.M3.17.004657
DOSDOS Master Boot Record (MBR).M3.12.001213
DOTMS Word 6.0/95 Document (pre-OLE)YM3.19.002738
DOTMS Word 97-2003 Document (OLE).H3.23.00229
DOTMS Word Template (MacBinary).M2.09.001760
DOTMMS Word 2007-2010 Template+Macros (Open XML).H3.23.004218
DOTXMS Word 2007-2010 Template (Open XML).H4.02.024217
DOXMultiMate Document.H2.19.00122
DPADpae Archive.M2.14.002303
DPDOvation Pro Document.M2.19.002794
DPFDynamic Process Format Design.M2.18.002672
DPGNintendo DS nDs-mPeG Video.M2.25.003452
DPMMS Access Database/Template/Addition.M2.11.00330
DPXDigital Moving Picture Exchange Bitmap (Intel).M2.08.001671
DPXDigital Moving Picture Exchange Bitmap (Motorola).M2.21.002923
DR2DProvector 2D Image.H2.25.002278
DRCTrue Box Shot Cover.M3.26.004747
DREAMDreamScene Dream Animated Wallpaper.M2.25.003453
DRLDrazLace IFLI Bitmap (C64).M2.08.001672
DRODOSBox Raw OPL (DRO) Song.M3.30.004778
DRSWordPerfect Display ResourceYM2.22.002255
DRVMS Windows Driver (16 bit)YH2.03.10290
DRVMS Windows Driver (16 bit)YH2.03.10292
DRVMS Windows Library (16 bit)YH3.06.01291
DRVProgram Overlay.M1.00.0027
DRWCADS Planner Drawing.M2.19.002778
DRWMacDraw Drawing.M2.25.003454
DRWMacDraw Drawing (MacBinary).M4.01.004900
DRWMacDraw II Drawing (MacBinary).M4.01.004901
DRWMacDraw Pro Drawing (MacBinary).M3.39.004885
DRWMicrografx Designer Drawing.M2.08.0462
DRWPro/ENGINEER Drawing.M2.25.003455
DRYDry Archive.M2.23.003063
DS4Micrografx Designer Image.M2.07.00681
DS_STOREMac OS X Folder Information.M2.25.003460
DSEWhatsUp Gold Virtual Device.M2.25.003456
DSFDirect Stream Digital Music.M3.21.004700
DSFMicrografx Designer Image.M2.07.00681
DSGDoom Saved Game.M2.10.00682
DSKArj Archive.M3.19.0021
DSKDMK Disk Image.M3.35.004833
DSKExtended CPCEMU Style Disk Image.M2.10.001842
DSKMSX DOS Disk Image.M2.10.001829
DSKOric Disk Image (New MFM).M3.35.004836
DSKOric Disk Image (Old).M3.35.004835
DSKStandard CPCEMU Style Disk Image.M2.10.001828
DSKTurbo Compiler Context File.M2.06.001285
DSMDOS Sound Interface Kit Module Music.H3.16.002574
DSMMS Developer Studio Macro.M2.13.00683
DSNISIS Schematic Capture Schematic.M2.25.003457
DSNMS OLE Database Provider for ODBC.M2.25.003458
DSNPC Stomper Data File.M2.18.001283
DSNPSpice Capture Design/Library/Symbols.H2.27.00331
DSPMS Developer Studio Project (ASCII).M1.05.00411
DSSDigital Speech Standard Compressed Audio.M3.21.002381
DSTDisintegrator Archive.M2.14.002304
DSTOrchida Tajima Home Embroidery Image.M2.09.00685
DSTPC Stomper Data File.M2.18.001283
DSWMS Developer Studio Workspace.M2.17.00424
DSXPC Stomper Data File.M2.18.001283
DSYDaisy Container.M2.25.003459
DT0Digital Terrain Elevation Data.M2.37.00687
DT1Digital Terrain Elevation Data.M2.37.00687
DT2Digital Terrain Elevation Data.M2.37.00687
DTAData File (Unknown Source).L1.05.00353
DTCMS Windows Application Log.M3.16.001286
DTDDesignTools 2D Design.M2.21.002926
DTDSGML Document Type Definition.H3.29.00686
DTEDDigital Terrain Elevation Data.M2.37.00687
DTLDrum Blaster Title/Song.M2.29.003953
DTMDigiTrakker module.M2.14.00688
DTPCOSMI Desktop Publishing Document.M3.37.004855
DTPTimeworks Publisher/Publish It! Document.M4.03.004939
DTSDolby Theatre System Audio.M2.16.002421
DTSMS Data Transformation Services.H2.17.002194
DUBMS Windows Localization Dictionary.M3.24.004723
DUNMS Dial-up Networking Export.M2.00.00689
DVDigital Video Movie.M2.22.00690
DVBAutoCAD VBA Macro.H2.27.003624
DVCSInternet X.509 Public Key DVCS Protocol.M2.16.002444
DVDMyDVD Style Template.M2.06.001287
DVFCompressed Voice File.M3.21.001698
DVGGraphicWorks Vector Drawing.M2.25.003461
DVIDigital Video Interface Video.M2.12.002138
DVITeX Device Independent Document.M2.25.001830
DVMDVM Movie.M2.12.002102
DVRDVR-Studio Stream.M2.25.003462
DVRProgram Overlay.M1.00.0027
DVR-MSMS Windows Media Active Stream.H2.19.001259
DWAProject Dogwaffle Animation.M2.25.003463
DWDDiamondWare Digitized Audio.M2.08.00691
DWFAutoDesk Web Graphics Image.M3.19.00692
DWGAutoCAD Drawing.M3.10.0026
DWGAutoCAD Drawing (MacBinary).M2.09.001744
DWGAutoCAD R10 Drawing.M3.14.004605
DWGAutoCAD R11/R12 Drawing.M3.14.004606
DWGAutoCAD R13 Subtype 10 Drawing.M3.14.004607
DWGAutoCAD R13 Subtype 11 Drawing.M3.14.004608
DWGAutoCAD R13 Subtype 12 Drawing.M3.14.004609
DWGAutoCAD R14 Subtype 13 Drawing.M3.14.004610
DWGAutoCAD R14 Subtype 14 Drawing.M3.14.004611
DWGAutoCAD R2.5 Drawing.M3.14.004602
DWGAutoCAD R2.6 Drawing.M3.14.004603
DWGAutoCAD R2000 Drawing.M3.14.004612
DWGAutoCAD R2004 Drawing.M3.14.004613
DWGAutoCAD R2007 Drawing.M3.14.004614
DWGAutoCAD R9 Drawing.M3.14.004604
DWGCIRCAD Drawing.M2.25.003464
DWIDependency Walker Image.M2.10.001831
DWLDesignWorks Link.M2.16.002412
DWPDarwin Pond Project.M2.19.002796
DWRPC Stomper Data File.M2.18.001283
DWTAutoCAD Drawing.M3.10.0026
DWZUlead DVD MovieFactory Project.H2.27.003625
DXDEC WPS Plus Document.L2.28.003825
DX3DEC WPS Plus Document.L2.28.003825
DXBAutoCAD Drawing Exchange Binary.M2.08.0075
DXFAutoCAD Drawing Exchange (ASCII).M2.03.1873
DXFAutoCAD Drawing Exchange (Binary).M2.08.0074
DXRMacromedia Director Movie (Intel).M2.04.00271
DXRMacromedia Director Movie (Macintosh).H2.25.00169
DYLEPOC16 Dynamic Link Library.M2.10.001835
DYLIBMac OS X Dynamic Library (32bit Intel).M2.29.013960
DYLIBMac OS X Dynamic Library (64bit Intel).M3.09.003961
DYLIBMac OS X Dynamic Library (PowerPC 32-bit).M2.29.013963
DYLIBMac OS X Dynamic Library (PowerPC 64-bit).M3.16.004639
DZDzip Compressed Archive.M2.25.003465