File Harvester Engine

The leading engine in file carving
This new product will provide the ability to carve hidden files and data fragments out of Deleted Files, Hidden Disk Space, Slack Space and Unused Disk Space. When FAT tables and the directory structure are lost, and parts of files have been overwritten, this can be like assembling multiple puzzles at the same time. Some of the pieces are missing and some puzzles look similar.

We take Data Carving to a whole new level with the power of our 6,428 pattern File Investigator Patterns Database, Byte Value Distribution calculations and our advanced puzzle solving methods. This product will support the same 4,797 file formats that File Investigator identifies.

The File Harvester Windows OEM API will be the first product created from this technology. Then it will make its way into our consumer applications. The Windows OEM API Kit will include Windows 32 bit & 64 bit DLLs with a C interface, as well as a .NET interface. Linux, Unix and Macintosh versions will be made available upon request.

This product is currently under development. If you are interested in knowing more about this new product, then email us and let us know what development platforms you would like support for.

Your eDiscovery or Disk Restoration project won't miss a single byte of data, when using File Harvester.