Innovative Technology Solutions

Providing the engines that identify files fast and accurately
All of our products are designed with quality and efficiency in mind. We strive to the be the fastest and most accurate at what we do. Each product contains one or more of our core technologies. Developers have full access to these technologies through the use of our OEM Partner Kits.

File Investigator Engine
For over a decade we have been developing, improving and fine tuning this technology to identify more files faster and more accurately than any other company's product. Now that we identify over 4,797 different types of files, our next goal is 5,000. Not only do we identify the type of file, but we also extract metadata (from many of the supported file formats) and categorize the file for easy filtering. The result is more efficient use of your time in sorting and organizing your files or eliminating them from your search.

File Expander Engine
While we support archive/cabinet file formats (that contain disk files), we also support data file formats that contain multiple data objects. Now, you can pull key data from a file and discard the rest of the file structure and data that you don't need. Each internal file object can be extracted to a new file and further examined in detail with the File Investigator Engine or using your own methods. An example would be an MS Word document. These files can contain Spreadsheets, Images, Charts, Sounds, Video, Deleted Data, Hidden Data, File Indexes, File Header, Object Headers, Object Footers and a File Footer. We enable you to simply pluck any one of those objects out of the file.

File Harvester Engine
This product is under development, and will soon provide the best solution for finding hidden data on your hard drive. Use File Harvester on a hard drive, RAM, partial/damaged/whole Disk Image to carve out the files and file fragments otherwise fragmented and inaccessible.

Professional Research

Over the course of 30 years of research, our File Investigator engine now identifies 4,787 file types, using 6,428 pattern variations. Our current version is the most accurate solution in the industry for identifying files, and now Data Profiler Portable empowers you to use this technology for triage and suspect profiling.

How it Works

All computers contain Hidden Data. The Dark Data is the hidden content that no other tool can find. Our tools find the potential Evidence Hiding in your investigations, to ensure that you are sufficiently prepared to win your cases. Quickly and accurately Identify and Categorize files, then search inside those files to explore their individual Objects and Metadata. [...]