FI Data Profiler Portable

Download Instructions

This product requires a Trial or Purchased Registration Key in order to function.  If you have not yet obtained one of these keys, then fill out the Trial Request form to obtain one.  Once you have a registration key,  follow the steps below to download and install the software.

  1. 1. Download Data Profiler Portable

    1. 1. Download FI Data Profiler Portable from the downloads page.

    2. 2. Press the Run button in your browser's download window, or Press the Save button and install it later.

    3. 3. Press the Run button in your browser's Security Warning window.

  2. 2. Install Data Profiler Portable

    1. 1. Press the Yes button in the User Account Control window (Vista, Widows 7 & 8)

    2. 2. Press the Next > button to continue the install.

    3. 3. Read the License Agreement, select the I accept the agreement option, then press the Next > button.

    4. 4. Select the FI Data Profiler Portable component, then press the Next > button.

          (The installer also includes File Investigator (FI TOOLS), but don't install it unless you have a registration key for that product as well.)

    5. 5. Enter the folder to install Data Profiler Portable in. (default is C:\Program Files (x86)\FID3)

         The default folder is read only on the latest versions of Windows.  Keep that in mind when saving your configurations and analysis results.  Alternatively, you may enter the path of a USB thumb drive for portable use.

    6. 6. Press the Next > button to continue the install.

    7. 7. Select the Profiler Portable icons only if you are installing locally, and not a USB thumb drive.  Then, press the Next > button.

    8. 8. Press the Install button after you have confirmed that all of your selections have been recorded correctly.

    9. 9. Read the README information, then press the Next > button.

    10. 10. Press the Finish button.

  3. 3. Enter Registration Key

    1. 1. Locate Data Profiler Portable on the Windows Start menu (located in the FID3 program group), and select it.

    2. 2. Press the OK button on the About dialog.

    3. 3. Enter your registration key into the Registration Key field near the bottom of the Case Details dialog.

    4. 4. Press the OK or Start Analysis button.

If have any trouble with these steps, or in using this product, please contact Technical Support for assistance.