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Dark Data

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Data Profiler

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Live Forensics

Discovering the Dark Data

The data only the File Investigator engine can find

The size of the world’s digital data collections is growing at an explosive rate. The only way to keep up with this growth is to increase the efficiency of managing this data. 

Whether we use a proactive approach (Cyber Security, Data Redaction, and User Monitoring), or a reactive approach (Electronic Discovery, Digital Forensics, and Incident Response), the same questions about the data need answers: 

  • • Where is the data?
  • • What is the data?
  • • When was the data changed?
  • • How does the data affect the current situation?
  • • Who is responsible for manipulating the data?

At FID3, we target the ‘Where’ and the ‘What’ about your data with such a passion that our products far outperform the rest of the industry.

Why are these questions so important? If you do not know “Where” all of your data is, or “What” all of your data is, then you will miss valuable evidence that can make a difference in the outcome of any legal dispute or you could lose valuable intellectual property that can greatly affect your company’s stability. 

We have classified data currently overlooked by services and products available in the industry as Dark Data. This term is quite appropriate since it classifies hidden data that is in the dark going undiscovered. We developed Enterprise Profiler specifically to bring this data into the ‘light’. Whether you are working on discovery for legal processes or trying to stop the exfiltration of sensitive data, FID3 focuses on recognizing and reporting on more data types, redacted data and non-contiguous data than any other product on the market.